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Help elect pro-equality leadership in South Florida!

Please join SAVE Action PAC and #TeamEquality in supporting our endorsed Miami Beach and City of Miami candidates in the November 3, 2015 elections!

Your contribution of $50, $100, $250 or more will go straight towards our grassroots voter outreach efforts to help elect these candidates.



November 8, 2016 Endorsements:

Election Day is November 8! SAVE Action PAC is proud to announce the following endorsements:

Patrick Murphy

U.S. Senate

Senator Rene Garcia

State Senate District 36

Phillip Brutus

State Senate District 38

Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich

State House District 103

Jeffery Solomon

State House District 115

Rep. Jose Felix Diaz

State House District 116

Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz

Mayor of Doral

Maria Jackson

Hollywood Commission seat 2

Senator Eleanor Sobel

Mayor of Hollywood

Commissioner Julie Carson

Wilton Manors Commission

Commissioner Tom Green

Wilton Manors Commission


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SAVE Action PAC co-endorses Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla & Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez

SAVE Action PAC is proud to co-endorse Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla AND Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez! November 8th is election day in Florida's 37th State Senate district in Miami-Dade!


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#TeamEquality WON on 8/30 -- onward to November!!


#TeamEquality won big across South Florida on August 30!

SAVE Action PAC is so happy to congratulate our endorsed pro-equality candidates who advanced in their primary or preliminary races to general or runoff elections on November 8: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (U.S. House 23), Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen (U.S. House 27), Mayor Carlos Gimenez (Miami-Dade Mayor), Sen. Dwight Bullard (FL Senate 40), State Rep. David Richardson (FL House 113), Ken Keechl (FL House 93), Nicholas Duran (FL House 112), Daisy Baez (FL House 114), Modesto "Mo" Abety (Miami-Dade School Board 6), Carol "Jodie" Breece (Miami-Dade 11th Circuit Group 3), and Lea Krauss (Broward 17th Circuit Group 9).

Onward to November!! Our endorsed #TeamEquality candidates NEED your help over the finish line on November 8! Will you help us meet our goal of $25,000 raised to support pro-equality candidates? Give $10, $100, or the max of $1000 now. >>



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SAVE Action PAC Endorses Jason Pizzo for State Senate District 38 and Francesca Menes for State House District 108

SAVE Action PAC is proud to announce two more 2016 endorsements:

SAVE Action PAC is proud to endorse Jason Pizzo for State Senate 38 and Francesca Menes for State House 108 in the August 30, 2016 elections!



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She's on #TeamEquality. #WereWithHer

With the long Presidential primary season having drawn to a close, I'm so excited to announce SAVE Action PAC's biggest 2016 endorsement yet:

SAVE Action PAC is proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for President on November 8th!

Secretary Clinton has secured our endorsement after defeating another fantastic pro-equality candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, in a vigorous and productive debate over a positive vision for the future of America. We welcome Senator Sanders' voice in favor of equality on the campaign trail this fall and commend him for his service to his country and LGBTQ Americans.


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All on the same stage: Pam Bondi, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott

This week, the Republican Party gathers in Cleveland to nominate Donald Trump for President. Last night, Melania Trump kicked things off with a speech plagiarized from Michelle Obama, that she claimed to have written herself with "little help."

This comes days after Trump announced his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, beloved by the anti-gay fringe for his legalization of discrimination against LGBTQ Hoosiers last year.

Those speaking in support of Trump and Pence include Florida's top Republicans: Attorney General Pam Bondi, Governor Rick Scott, and Senator Marco Rubio.

Will you give $50, $100, or even $250 to #TeamEquality's 2016 Victory Fund so we have the resources to fight tooth and nail against hateful politicians like Donald Trump? Click here to give now. >>



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SAVE Action PAC endorses Debbie Wasserman Schultz for re-election to U.S. House from Florida's 23rd district!

SAVE Action PAC is proud to endorse Debbie Wasserman Schultz for re-election as the U.S. Representative for Florida's 23rd Congressional district!



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Florida's top anti-LGBT leader -- and his mega donors -- support Rubio.


I have some very bad news about the race for Senator for Florida coming up in November.

One of Florida's most notorious anti-LGBT activists, John Stemberger, has directed his network of anti-gay extremists and big-money donors known as "Florida Family Action" to support the re-election Senator Marco Rubio this November.

Will you help fight the tsunami of anti-LGBT cash headed Marco Rubio's way? Click here to give $25, $100, or even $250 now to the #TeamEquality Victory Fund so we have the resources to stem the anti-LGBT tide. >>

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SAVE Action PAC Issues Endorsements for 22 Local Candidates in August 30 Races

SAVE Action PAC is proud to announce its endorsements in the following local elections on Tuesday, August 30, 2016:

State legislators

- Senator Oscar Braynon for State Senate District 35
- Representative Joe Geller for House District 100
- Representative Kionne McGhee for House District 117

Miami-Dade County Commission

- Commissioner Barbara Jordan for Miami-Dade County Commission seat 1
- Commissioner Bruno Barreiro for Miami-Dade County Commission seat 5
- Commissioner Dennis Moss for
Miami-Dade County Commission seat 9

11th Judicial Circuit Court

- Judge Jason Bloch for 11th Circuit Court group 9
- Judge Scott M. Bernstein for 11th Circuit Court group 10

- Renee Gordon for 11th Circuit Court group 34
- Judge David Young for 11th Circuit Court group 39
- Judge William Thomas for 11th Circuit Court group 40
- Judge Samantha Ruiz-Cohen for 11th Circuit Court group 45
- Carol "Jodie" Breece for 11th Circuit Court group 52
- Judge Robert Luck for 11th Circuit Court group 66
- Judge George Sarduy for 11th Circuit Court group 74

County Court Judge

- Judge Fred Seraphin for County Court Judge group 5
- Judge Ed Newman for County Court Judge group 7
- Judge Wendell Graham for County Court Judge group 35

Miami-Dade County Races

- Carlos Martinez for Miami-Dade County Public Defender
- Harvey Ruvin for Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts
- Katherine Fernandez-Rundle for State Attorney
- Dr. Martin Karp for Miami-Dade County School Board district 3



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Marco Rubio: enough.

This week, we learned that Florida’s junior senator, Marco Rubio, has decided to take back his pledge to retire from the Senate.

It’s another broken promise, from a politician who just couldn't bring himself to deny he “hates” the Senate and won the honor of skipping the most votes of any senator -- so that he could devote his time to losing badly in a presidential bid called by many an “ego trip.


Now, in a stunning display of ambulance chasing, Marco Rubio has used the Orlando tragedy as an opportunity to announce his intention to run for re-election -- while he voted to kill expanded background checks on gun purchasers days earlier.

That behavior says nothing of Rubio’s unique animus towards LGBTQ Floridians and Americans. Since arriving on the scene, Senator Rubio has:

> Pledged to end marriage equality if elected President

> Called the children of LGBTQ parents a “social experiment

> Raised money for so-called conversion “therapy” -- a sham practice claiming to change sexual orientation which has been unanimously condemned by professional and medical associations as bordering on torture

> Vowed to pass a so-called “First Amendment defense act” explicitly protecting Kentucky’s Kim Davis and similar bigoted and discriminatory actions by public officials

The list of Marco Rubio’s toxic attacks on LGBTQ Americans spans more than a decade. We cannot allow this man to return to Washington for another six years. The future of our community depends on it.

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