#TeamEquality WON on 8/30 -- onward to November!!


#TeamEquality won big across South Florida on August 30!

SAVE Action PAC is so happy to congratulate our endorsed pro-equality candidates who advanced in their primary or preliminary races to general or runoff elections on November 8: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (U.S. House 23), Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen (U.S. House 27), Mayor Carlos Gimenez (Miami-Dade Mayor), Sen. Dwight Bullard (FL Senate 40), State Rep. David Richardson (FL House 113), Ken Keechl (FL House 93), Nicholas Duran (FL House 112), Daisy Baez (FL House 114), Modesto "Mo" Abety (Miami-Dade School Board 6), Carol "Jodie" Breece (Miami-Dade 11th Circuit Group 3), and Lea Krauss (Broward 17th Circuit Group 9).

Onward to November!! Our endorsed #TeamEquality candidates NEED your help over the finish line on November 8! Will you help us meet our goal of $25,000 raised to support pro-equality candidates? Give $10, $100, or the max of $1000 now. >>



We also congratulate all of our endorsed #TeamEquality candidates who won their elections outright yesterday and will not face opposition in November: Commissioner Dennis C. Moss (Miami-Dade Commission), Rep. Frederica Wilson (U.S. House 24), Betsy Benson (Broward County Court), Judge Robert Luck (Miami-Dade 11th Circuit Group 66), Judge George Sarduy (Miami-Dade 11th Circuit Group 74), Judge Ed Newman (Miami-Dade County Court), and Judge Wendell Graham (Miami-Dade County Court).

Another endorsed candidate, Judge Fred Seraphin (Miami-Dade County Court), leads his race by less than one percent of the vote, triggering an automatic recount. We wish Judge Seraphin the best of luck in prevailing in his recount.

A huge THANK YOU to our supporters, volunteers, donors and everyone else who helped these wins for #TeamEquality in yesterday's elections!

Now is the time to recommit to the fight for equality in November. Will you give $10, $100, or the max of $1000 to fund the fight? >>

We also congratulate SAVE Action PAC endorsed candidates Jason Pizzo, Francesca Menes, Ross Hancock, Judge Jason Bloch, Renee Gordon, and Doreen Inkeles on coming so close in their hard fought races! Even though they came up just a bit short, we look forward to engaging with these dynamic community leaders on advocating for pro-equality policies in South Florida going forward.

{{ recipient.first_name_or_friend }}, candidates on #TeamEquality NEED your help over the finish line in November!

Will you help pro-equality candidates this November? Give $10, $100, or the max of $1000 now. >>

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